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The National Cervical Screen Program - previously known as Pap Screens/ Smears- have recently made a lot of changes to its methods of screening and follow up time frames. We…
July 30, 2019

Better Health Channel App

The Better Health Channel App is available via the Itunes App Store and Google Play, and is a helpful tool remain up to date on topics and health alerts. The…
July 27, 2019

Stop Mental Illness Stigma

The Mostyn Street Clinic has signed the STOP STIGMA pledge to stop Mental Health discrimination and stigma. What is stigma? Stigma happens when a group in society are not regarded…
July 26, 2019

Asking The Question

Murray PHN is partnering with general practices to deliver the ‘Ask the Question’ Project. ​Participating practices have committed to: Provide a culturally safe service Upskill staff (training video and guidelines…
July 25, 2019