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Asking The Question

Murray PHN is partnering with general practices to deliver the ‘Ask the Question’ Project.

Participating practices have committed to:

  1. Provide a culturally safe service

  2. Upskill staff (training video and guidelines below)

  3. Ask all people who attend their service “are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?”

  4. Wear ‘Ask the Question’ badges and display their completion certificate as an outward sign of commitment

Why asking the question is important

The under-identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in mainstream health services and national health data sets is a fundamental barrier to achieving health equality for all Australians. The Indigenous population in Australia have historically had, and continue to have significantly worse health outcomes than the general Australian population

Why it’s important for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders to identify

It’s important that your health care professional is aware if you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin so they can provide you with a high standard of individualised care. Understanding your origin and what this means to you, helps them care for you better. Importantly, many people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin are at a greater risk of developing certain health conditions that may be preventable or can be treated more effectively when detected early. Your healthcare professional may also provide you with more specific information about your health and additional healthcare options.

If you have any questions, or would like to let your health service know that you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, please contact your local general practice.